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Tech Week:

Hi All,

For the past few years the Band Boosters have been helping Mrs. Karen Klicker and the Musical participants by operating the concession stand at the high school during Tech Week.

Tech Week is basically a week long dress rehearsal We are looking for several volunteers to help staff the concession stand next week. We need 2-3 people each day, Monday through Thursday from 4-6pm. Probably a bit earlier to set up. The kids have to be on stage by 6pm, so as soon as that happens the concessions can stop.

Please consider giving some time to help these kids AND adults. They have been working very hard to put together a wonderful performance.

Thank you,

Jonette Werley
Northgate Band Boosters


Board Elections:

It’s time again to elect members to the Executive Board of our Boosters organization. Sharon Amick will be serving as the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. If you are interested in serving and have fulfilled the criteria listed below, please contact Sharon directly.


Section 1: A Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of nominations to fill all offices for the following year, from a list of members who have attended at least two (2) general membership meetings between June and April. This slate shall be presented to the Boosters at the April meeting each year. Anyone resigning or being recalled from any office(s) twice will be ineligible to run for an Executive Board position thereafter.

Section 2: An election of officers shall be held each year at the May regular meeting. Nominations for any office may be made from the floor, provided prior permission being nominated has been secured, and that person meets the eligibility set forth in Section 1. If more than one person has been nominated for any position, a secret ballot election shall be held. Tallies of the vote will be counted by non-voting members of the Executive Board.


The April Booster Meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April 8th at 7pm in the Band Room.

Thank you,

Nikki Brandt
Northgate Band Boosters


Chaperone Clearances


About Receiving Band Texts:

Hi All,

If you wish to receive text messages regarding band, please follow the instructions below.

    1. Go to your text app on your phone.
    2. Click the compose button (looks like a piece of paper & pen)
    3. In the recipient/to box type: vp2@northgateflamesband.org
    4. In the message box type: Add me & your name (so I know who you are)
    5. Do not email me you must TEXT this to me.

This will give me your phones email address. We will then add this email to your contact information and you will receive text messages for updates and reminders.

We will only use this for brief texts and not for long emails.

Please consider that you may be charged for text messages by your carrier. Northgate Band Boosters is not responsible for any charges you may incur.

Thank you,

Greg Tadda 
Northgate Band Boosters


About Emails:

Hi all,

You should be receiving emails from the president and VP2, treasurer email addresses as well as secretary emails.

If you are not please check your spam folder, first. If they are in spam folder add both of those accounts to your contact list so they no longer go to spam.

If you do not have any emails in spam, please let me know so I can add your email to our 2014-2015 distribution list.

If you have any questions about this let me know.

Thank you,

Greg Tadda 
Northgate Band Boosters


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